Project Information

This project aims to enhance the learning experience of students in pharmaceutical care studies in Hong Kong with e-platform support.  PharmCare is the website, along with a related mobile app, created for this purpose.  Students can gain access to online learning materials anywhere, anytime.  Carefully planned teaching and learning materials with multimedia contents are designed, developed and made available through this website and the mobile app in order to enrich learning of students with a diverse science background from their secondary study and at different levels of English proficiency.  There are two programs available – The Bridging program and The Complementary and Remedial program. 


In the Bridging program, how chemicals are employed as medicines is presented in the context of basic chemistry and biology concepts.  This program is designed to assist those students who are without a strong science background and may find the study in a higher diploma program in dispensing studies challenging.  The teaching and learning materials in the program are also intended to intrigue those students with a strong science background and help them see medicinal chemicals from a different perspective.  A module briefly reviewing English sentence structure is intended to boost our students’ ability to read and write English as a second language.


In the Complementary and Remedial program, concepts and theories in pharmaceutical science for dosage form formulation and dispensing practices are covered.  Basic formulation principles of drug dosage forms are explained in the light of the physical and chemical properties of drug substances.  To better equip students as pharmacy dispensers (also known as pharmacy technicians in some parts of the world), skills and techniques for dispensing, traditional extemporaneous compounding and aseptic dispensing are demonstrated and explained in Dispensing Practices modules.   The module on drug names is intended to assist students in both dispensing practices and pharmacology.  Lastly, the module on word formation is an effort to show Hong Kong students a way to tackle medical terminology, which appears to be a significant hurdle for local students studying in a healthcare, higher diploma program.


Students in Higher Diploma in Dispensing Studies, HKIVE(Chai Wan) and Higher Diploma in Pharmaceutical Dispensing, HKCIH, and  dispensers are welcome to browse the website.


This project, titled Enhancing learning in pharmaceutical care services with e-learning support, is funded by Quality Enhancement Support Scheme (QESS) under the Self-financing Post-secondary Education Fund (SPEF), Education Bureau, The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China. This project is established by the teaching team of Higher Diploma in Dispensing Studies, Department of Applied Science, Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Chai Wan)


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