Complementary & Remedial Program

Module 1.        Physicochemical principles for Study in Pharmaceutical Care Services

Lecture 1.         Why drugs come in so many different forms ?! (Basics of Drug dosage forms)

Lecture 2.         pH-balanced shampoo (Basics of Acid-base properties)

Lecture 3.         I can see through this bottle (Basics of Solution as a dosage form)

Lecture 4.         Shake well before use (Basics of Suspension as a dosage form)

Lecture 5.         Amazing! This cod liver oil does not feel like oil in my mouth (Basics of Emulsion as a dosage form)

Lecture 6.         Keep refrigerated (Basics of Chemical stability)



Module 2.        What dispensers do in a pharmacy

Lecture 1.         I can’t handle calculus. Can I work in a pharmacy? (Basics of Pharmaceutical calculations)

Lecture 2.         Just picking and pouring ? (Dispensing process)

Lecture 3.         Is expiry date all I have to pay attention to in dispensing ? (Basics of Drug product stability in dispensing practice)



Module 3.        Why Mortar and pestle are used as the icon for pharmacy

Lecture 1.         How to measure 0.5 mL water accurately (Basic compounding skills and techniques)

Lecture 2.         Isn’t making a solution simply dissolving the drug in water ? (Dispensing & Compounding solution dosage forms)

Lecture 3.         What if no liquid drug dosage form available for babies (Dispensing & Compounding suspension dosage forms)

Lecture 4.         Can't mix oil with water by shaking (Dispensing & Compounding emulsion dosage forms)

Lecture 5.         Making whipped cream as a dressing on a cake ? (Dispensing & Compounding other dosage forms)


Module 4.        Are we preparing to land on the moon

Lecture 1.         The air in this room smells so fresh! (Basic concepts in aseptic dispensing)

Lecture 2.         Wow! All these individually wrapped products? (Consumables for aseptic dispensing)

Lecture 3.         Dressing up to land on the moon ?! (Preparatory stage for aseptic dispensing & Cleanroom disciplines)

Lecture 4.         Where does the wind come from ?  (Basic aseptic techniques for aseptic dispensing)

Lecture 5.         This bag of fluid instead of my favorite Wonton noodles (餛飩麵) !! (Aseptic compounding of total parental nutrition in pharmacy)

Lecture 6.         It’s so clumsy to work inside an isolator (Basic aseptic techniques for handling biohazardous parenterals in pharmacy)



Module 5.        Too much to memorize all these terms, names, and abbreviations

Lecture 1.         Bevacizumab.  Pioglitazone.  These drug names are just beyond my understanding.  (Drug names)

Lecture 2.         Saying drug names isn't the hardest thing to do (Pronunciation of Drug names)

Lecture 3.        "Oligodendroglioma" is Greek to me. (Medical/scientific terminology)

Lecture 4.        Why can’t I understand the doctor’s prescription? (Medical/prescription abbreviations)

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